Sunday, February 2, 2014

Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder 2

Two days ago I went to the mall and bought a clinique chubby stick and one of their new blushes... I love the chubby stick - can't wait to discuss it in an upcoming post. Anyways, Bath and Body works was having a buy 3, get 3 free sale - so I bought some body wash etc... and the SA recommended a local coffee shop. The guy at the coffee shop made the best vanilla latte I've had... definitely a place I will be visiting from now on when I go to the mall. But anyways, there were two annoying brats at the coffee shop who were so loud and obnoxious and they thought they were funny. But they looked and acted like idiots. Why do people forget their manners in public? Seriously....

Anyways, on to more frivolous things....
I thought I would discuss my thoughts on the Laura Mercier brightening powder. This powder is typically used for setting the under eye area. I bought this based on rave reviews from gossmakeupartist on youtube. I don't find it brightening at all... in fact, I've used it for setting my entire face base and I think it works quite well and gives the face a soft matte effect. 
Laura Mercier secret brightening powder #2
There are small shimmers in the product but it is hard to see on the face unless you really load up your brush. I don't think this would be good for photos at wall - but for every day use I think it's great. The one con is the packaging. It does have a sifter - but powder goes everywhere when I open it. I wish I could close or open the sifter... this product is NOT travel friendly AT ALL. I have to be very careful opening it. Also, I need the smallest amount on my brush to set my face. I feel like this small tub is going to last me for years (but I still bought a back up from Sephora).

I have dry skin but I love face powder... in fact I'm obsessed with them... I don't like looking oily/shiny... dewy/slightly luminous is okay though. Not sure if that's normal, but that's 

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