Sunday, January 19, 2014


Have you ever tried a mascara primer? My first experience was a sample from Lancome that I received with a sephora purchase a long time ago... I absolutely loved it. But for whatever reason instead of buying the lancome primer I decided to purchase one from shiseido.
Shisiedo mascara primer

I saw great reviews online and I've been using it for several months. I have no regrets over my purchase. The formula is quite different from the lancome version which is white in color, this one looks like vaseline and goes on clear. It does not feel greasy though and I feel like my lashes look fuller when I put this primer on. I feel like eye lash primers should be a must have in a make up lover's arsenal. Currently, I use my eye lash primer with the amazing Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara...
Shiseido mascara primer, Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara
I really think the eyes to kill mascara is overpriced (so is Chanel). But, Giorgio Armani often gives out 20% off discount codes during the summer and winter which makes the price a little more easier to swallow. Honestly though, I think this is a great mascara... I love my maybelline and loreal mascaras but there is something about the way this makes my lashes look - I just love it... it definitely gives you volume and length (makes your lashes look more separated rather than clumped together).
Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara
 I'm not just impressed by the formula, I also really enjoy the wand. I can get to my inner corners and am able to do my bottom lashes quite easily with the brush. I think if you are looking for a great quality mascara and willing to splurge I would definitely recommend adding this to your list.

Great neutral pairings part II

I thought I'd add another neutral pairing I just think is gorgeous...
LMDB corinthian, Laura mercier amethyst
I use Laura Mercier (LM) amethyst as a base and put Le Metier de Beaute (LMDB) corinthian on top. This eye shadow combo makes a great every day netural purple taupe look. I absolutely love it. Obviously, I added my favorite brown blending shade (Pandora's Au cafe) to my crease to blend and complete the look!
LM amethyst, LMDB corinthian, amethyst base with corinthian on top
 I purchased both my colors from Neiman Marcus online. I got the Laura Mercier pencil in a set with four other shades. I think this shade is a more subdued version of the color of the year for 2014 "radiant orchid" and a great way to pull of a "trend" look for every day... (at least in my opinion).

Hope you love it as much as I do!!!
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Great neutral pairings part I

I thought I would list some neutral eye shadow pairings I've been really loving recently...

Nars Isolde duo, Milani brown deluxe shadow eyez pencil

This first combination is Milani shadow eyez 12 hour pencil in 02 brown deluxe with Nars Isolde duo. I use an eye primer (UDPP), then put the shadow eyez on my lid and blend with a blending brush. Then I apply the lighter shade of the Isolde duo to my entire lid. I apply the darker shade to my crease. 
From left to right: milani brown deluxe, isolde duo lighter shade, isolde darker shade, milani brown deluxe base with isolde lighter shade on top (all shades swatched without primer)

For some extra depth, I also apply a dark blue shade to my crease (Lumiere's midnight) and then blend the crease with a neutral brown shade (Pandora's Au cafe). During day time, I usually just line my lower lid (either with black or dark blue liner) and then finish off with mascara. 

What do you guys think? Have you tried this pairing?


Estee lauder illuminating primer

I used to associate the Estee Lauder brand as an outdated, old woman's brand. But after recently trying their brand, I've realized that they have some really great quality all star products. Few years ago, I had never used a face primer and did not understand what the hype was all about them. So after receiving and trying some samples of face primers from sephora (the one I remember really liking was from the brand Fresh from sephora), I decided to explore more about them. I remember choosing the estee lauder illuminating primer because of two reasons - the price and the reviews on the internet (I can't remember where but I think it was makeupalley).

I've used this product on most work days (> 40hours per week) for over a year and just ran out of it few weeks ago. The formula was incredibly light weight and not greasy. I work 12 to 13 hour shifts most days and I found that this product did make my base last the whole day - my natural oils would come through but I never looked like a greasy mess. I also found that if I put a little "extra" on - my skin would look more radiant.

This is definitely a holy grail no-fail product. I love it when products do what they claim... Currently I've tried other more expensive "illuminating" primers but their lasting performance is sub-par compared to this one... I have to combine at least two of them to get the long lasting results of this one.

If you're ever at an estee lauder counter ask the sales person to give you a sample to try... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


MAC pleasure model blush, MAC silver dawn eye shadow

I've never paid attention to MAC collections... however recently I watched a you tube haul by natalie from flowerbomb31 on the recent MAC magnetic nudes collection for winter 2013. I really liked the concept of the collection so I decided after much debating to purchase the silver dawn eye shadow and pleasure model blush. It seems that these products are sold out in most places but I purchased mine at
MAC silver dawn eyeshadow
Silver dawn eyeshadow is best described as a taupe grey no-fuss eye shadow with some sheen to it. It looks lovely on the lid and very wearable for everyday.. I found the texture was a bit dry and stiff and the swatch was not too intense - however the product was still relatively easy to work with. I think this color would easily complement a variety a skin tones and is one of the must haves from this collection.

MAC pleasure model blush
Pleasure model blush is a terracota blush with a slight sheen to it. It seems matte on the face. I think this is a gorgeous blush on tan/darker skin tones. 

I really like the two products I've tried so far. What have you tried from this line?