Thursday, December 27, 2012


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The 40 question tag...

Thought I should start writing again; so I decided to do the 40 question makeup tag thing. Here goes:

1. How many times do you wash your face daily - once in the morning (I use bioderma/caudalie makeup remover at night).
2. What skin type do you have - combination
3. Do you exfoliate - yes I try to do it once  a week with the clarisonic
4. What brand do I use - usually just my cleanser with clarisonic; sometimes I use the Laura Mercier face scrub by itself
5. Current facial cleanser - Neova herbal wash (it's alright)
6. what moisturizer do you use - currently it's from pevonia (not exactly sure but it's for dry skin; I try different moisurizers  all the time)
7. Do you use eye cream - yes (just finished kiehl avocado eye cream; now am using ole henrikesen total truth - love both)
8. Did you or have you ever had acne prone skin- no, not yet
9. Have you used pro activ - no
10. Do you have freckles - no
11. What foundation do you use? If I do, MUFE HD, NARS sheer glow or thevi cosmetics. I almost always wear bobbi brown's TM
12. How about concealer - Revlon HD concealer in dark/deep (I don't really know the name) and bobbi brown corrector in dark peach; also love using Eve pearls correctors/concealer trios
13. Do you know your undertone color - warm, olive (i actually am not sure so I tend to stick with neutral foundations).
14. what do you think of fake eyelashes - they're lovely; but I dont know how to wear them even though I've watched a ton of youtube videos.
15. Did you know you're supposed to change your mascara every three months? Yes. But what about eyeliner (that's even closer to your eyes), lipgloss and lipstick (your mouth is full of germies, EEEEEW!!!!). I'm kidding!!! But seriously...
16. Sephora or mac? Neither, sorry!
These questions are beginning to bore me, by the way... what about you?
17. Do you have a MAC pro-card? No. I do wish I had a TOM FORD pro-card though (or maybe a Neiman Marcus or Saks fifth employee discount that also applied to makeup. That would be awesome).
18. What makeup tools do you use in makeup application - my fingers, brushes
19. Do you use a primer for the eyes - yes UDPP
20. favorite eye shadow (color/shade) - none comes to mind; but I do do love the spices eye quad by Chanel you use a face primer - yes, it's by estee lauder
22. liquid or pencil liner - pencil liner (but I rarely wear eyeliner)
23. How often do you poke your eyes with pencil liner - never
24. what do you think of pigment eyeshadows - messy
25. do you use mineral makeup - aren't all makeup technically made out of some form of minerals? I have mineral makeup but don't use it often 'coz it's messy
26. favorite lipstick - I don't have one. I really like chanel silhouette and burberry redwood for daily wear
27. favorite gloss - smashbox beauty (it's discontinued)
28. favorite blush - I have too many. Nars torrid, luster and tajmahal are lovely for daily use.
29. do you buy your makeup on ebay - no
30. Do you go to CCOs - yes once in a while
31. Did you ever consider taking makeup classes? yes
32. are you clumsy in putting on makeup - yes
33. name a makeup crime that you hate - none; makeup is really about expressing yourself (so who am i to judge?)
34. do you like colorful shades of makeup or neutral ones? am leaning towards neutrals as I get older - it seems to look better on me
35. Which celebrity always has great makeup? ME!!!! (JK). I think Hindi and tamil actresses always look stunning with the shit load of makeup they have on their face.
36. If you could leave the house with just one makeup item what would it be? probably my TM so that my skin looks even
37. Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? Yes, I but I don't feel right. It's weird how the more I learn about makeup the more I feel that I need it (which is not really true).
38. Do you think you look good without any makeup on? - yeah, except for my undereyes and uneven skin tone/patches =(
39.In your opinion what is the best makeup line? I don't know. I love them all!!!!!!!! JK. I think Chanel is really good but I've heard TOM FORD may be better.... For drugstore, I'd say revlon or maybelline
40. What do you think of makeup? most people don't need it. but if you have a ton of spots/or scars on your face coverup done properly can be your friend. All the rest is really for fun and to lift one's mood!