Thursday, December 26, 2013

makeup obsession cleanse part 2...

So I was thinking $100 per month is a lot depending on the item I'm interested in purchasing. Perhaps, I should consider adding skin care/hair care to the list? Certain companies also host special events if you purchase a certain amount of dollars (i.e. we get rewarded with gift cards etc.) so perhaps it's worth waiting for those events to purchase an item? Hmm.. I think I may be making things more complicated than it should be.

What I think I may do is try to avoid spending for the next one month. We'll take it from there. The sad part is I already have items I want to buy... so hopefully I won't falter.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thinking of doing a makeup obsession cleanse...

Have you guys ever watched pinksofoxy on you tube? I started watching her over a year ago and she decided to do a project called makeout 2013 where she restricted the amount of makeup she bought over the year. She also consolidated her entire makeup collection and instead of a an overwhelming amount of makeup she has an well-edited collection of her favorite products.

I've been contemplating starting a similar project for 2014. I tried to restrict myself this year - by limiting myself to certain purchases per month (I had it all planned out in December 2012)... but I failed miserably. I blame all my frivolous purchases due to my lack of self control and addiction to you tube and makeup sites/blogs.

 I think my collection is so overwhelmingly big I don't know how to consolidate the products. I recently realized that there is such a thing as "too many options". I have so many options, I don't know where to start. Also, I paid a lot of money for the products so I hate the idea of parting with them.

My plan is to restrict myself to 12 high end purchases for the year 2014 (one per month). I'm not really convinced I should restrict myself category wise... but I think I am going to limit my monthly allowance for a high end purchase to $100 (including taxes, shipping etc.). If I don't spend money that month, I plan on rolling the funds over to the next month. $100 per month = $1200 per year which is a lot of money - but it is far less than what I've spent so far. If I feel that this plan is failing, I may adjust my plan to more closely reflect that of the original "makeout 2013" plan by Christine from pinksofoxy.

I will try to provide monthly updates on the product I've purchased for that month (if any) and how my plan is working. If you are planning on doing a makeup cleanse let me know any suggestions/ideas that have worked for you in the comments below...

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I'm so over this drab winter season - and I'm ready for summer. It's weird though because when the summer weather starts, I can't wait for fall. Hmm....

Anyways, I've been loving two products that give me a bronzed look to the skin... perhaps kind of like the J-lo bronzy glowiness?.... (well not really, but I enjoy the look nonetheless).

The first product is my recent blush splurge... I think the price of this blush might give some people a heart attack. But if you love makeup and you want to look tanned - then this product is worth the high price tag. I purchased mine from Saks but it's also available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms. It is gorgeous. You get 8 grams of product and the color is a red bronze shimmer - absolutely stunning on the cheeks.

This second product is my current HG bronzer. Although it some shimmer in it, the shimmer does not really show up on the skin. This comes with 10 grams of product and it does come in different shades (I got mine at Sephora) - so I recommend swatching/testing before you buy. Mine came with a mini kabuki as well. I would consider this a warm/neutral toned bronzer (not too red/not too orange)... just perfect for me.

The two products are what excellent workhorse products. Along with a bit of primer, tinted moisturizer, some brightener/concealer for the eyes, some mascara, some finishing powder and some lipstick/gloss and I'm set for a 13hour work day!!!

What are some of your current holy grail/no fail products?

Saturday, December 7, 2013



1. FAVORITE EYE CREAM/SERUM: I don't really have a favorite, but I really like kiehls avocado eye treatment.

image source:

2. FAVORITE EYE CONCEALER: bobbi brown eye brightener in deep peach and the nars creamy concealer in caramel

image source:

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3. FAVORITE EYE BROW PRODUCT: Anastasia espresso brow gel + brow wiz in brunette
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4. FAVORITE EYE SHADOW PRIMER: None so far; I think the combination of  urban decay primer potion and a cream shadow base results in fewer creases at the end of my work day.

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5. FAVORITE EYE SHADOW PALETTE (CAN ONLY PICK ONE): No favorites yet.... Pandora's Casual Friday palette is the one I use almost every day for blending/simple looks etc...

image source:

6. FAVORITE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: Neutrogena eye makeup remover

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7. FAVORITE MASCARA: Maybelline (several come to mind - falsies, full n' soft etc); for high end - I don't have a favorite brand (really like volume de Chanel and Armani eyes to kill)

image source:

image source:

8. FAVORITE EYE LINER: Dior art pen liner and Marc Jacobs gel liner (in pencil form)
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9. FAVORITE SINGLE EYE SHADOW: Dior mono cream eye shadows
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10. FAVORITE SUNGLASSES: Don't have one....
I was surprised that I do not have a favorite eye shadow palette - I have so many.... I wonder why???? Maybe, it's time to go through my stash and rediscover hidden treasures. How about you? Did some of your answers surprise you?