Thursday, February 20, 2014

A beautiful spring blush

As the weather warms, the flowers bloom and the rain falls more frequently, it feels like Spring is upon us... giving me a reason to add more pinkie colors to my makeup routine. The first product that came to mind was the Tom Ford blush in Wicked.

Tom Ford blush in Wicked
I'm not sure how the designer came up with the name (I don't like it)... but I love this blush. It does have a soft shimmer and it is visible on the cheeks so it can emphasize pores. However, I like the fact that with this blush I don't need to use a highlighter. I use the a stippling blush to apply this product and it gives me glowing pink cheeks. His blush is very soft and shows up very well on my NC44 skin tone. It seems to last for several hours - however I do think that over time like most blushes it does oxidize on me... (I apply this blush on top of my setting powder).
Tom Ford blush in Wicked

I find that along with my base, I can use this blush, a pink lip stick/gloss, some blue eyeliner and mascara and it gives me a really fresh looking, put together face for spring. I find that considering the quantity, quality and pigmentation of the product, this is a must have for me. 

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