Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Giorgio armani eyes to kill eyeshadow

So after reading temptalia's blog on the armani eyes to kill limited edition eye shadows in 24 and 27, I caved in and purchased them during one of their online sales last year. I just wore shade 24 yesterday - it's a black color with gold/copper specks in it (you should really read temptalia's reviews). I absolutely love that color. It's a very great smoky eye look for day or night; i can see myself wearing it often. I've heard that the armani eyes to kill are similar to loreal (the parent group is the same); but I think the shades are not really dupeable. I think this shadow would look good on anyone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RoC enydrial lip balm

I intially read about this little gem on makeup alley. It had received rave reviews from every one that had tried it. I didn't know where to get it from so when I went to a SDM, I thought I should try to find this lip balm. I think a few years ago when I first bought it, it cost me around $6, but the price has increased to $10. There are a few different types of RoC lip balms (I have this one and the one with SPF). I had decided to initially splurge on this balm (after trying carmex, blistex, vaseline, soft lips etc) because I would end up with peeling on my lips or a white ring on the inner corners of my lips. This lip balm is not natural by any means in my opinion (read the ingredient list), but I absolutely love it. It really softens my lips and does not cause any peeling whatsoever. It also has no scent or color and is not too shiny (so it's a great way to soften lips before applying my lipstick/gloss/stain etc). I can apply it morning, evening or during the night and it's easy to carry around; I really think this little beauty is underrated and is quite comparable to higher end lip balms (such as caudalie and fresh)

My thoughts on Dior skin nude spf 10 compact powder

I really don't like taking too much time when applying makeup. Sometimes, the steps are too long and just take forever! I purchased the dior skin natural glow sculpting powder with spf 10 last summer in shade cafe moka (050) because for some reason I feel that even though I have dry skin, I think powder foundations are the lazy woman's way attempt to look some what decent before heading out the door. I was looking for one product that would work as foundation/powder but wouldn't make my skin dull looking. Anyways, I got this in the darkest shade available at the nordstrom counter. I had read some nice reviews on the product. The shade seemed a bit off for me as an overall face powder but I think the combination with the blush and the bronzer works well if I apply it to my cheekbones just as a blusher/bronzer. The texture of the powder seems soft and crumbly. Regardless, I paid around $60 US and in my opinion is not really worthwhile. Also, I don't like that the packaging is not smudgeproof. There is a brush applicator included that is not soft but it does the job (esp. if you carry the compact around for touchups)