Sunday, January 19, 2014

Great neutral pairings part I

I thought I would list some neutral eye shadow pairings I've been really loving recently...

Nars Isolde duo, Milani brown deluxe shadow eyez pencil

This first combination is Milani shadow eyez 12 hour pencil in 02 brown deluxe with Nars Isolde duo. I use an eye primer (UDPP), then put the shadow eyez on my lid and blend with a blending brush. Then I apply the lighter shade of the Isolde duo to my entire lid. I apply the darker shade to my crease. 
From left to right: milani brown deluxe, isolde duo lighter shade, isolde darker shade, milani brown deluxe base with isolde lighter shade on top (all shades swatched without primer)

For some extra depth, I also apply a dark blue shade to my crease (Lumiere's midnight) and then blend the crease with a neutral brown shade (Pandora's Au cafe). During day time, I usually just line my lower lid (either with black or dark blue liner) and then finish off with mascara. 

What do you guys think? Have you tried this pairing?

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