Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thinking of doing a makeup obsession cleanse...

Have you guys ever watched pinksofoxy on you tube? I started watching her over a year ago and she decided to do a project called makeout 2013 where she restricted the amount of makeup she bought over the year. She also consolidated her entire makeup collection and instead of a an overwhelming amount of makeup she has an well-edited collection of her favorite products.

I've been contemplating starting a similar project for 2014. I tried to restrict myself this year - by limiting myself to certain purchases per month (I had it all planned out in December 2012)... but I failed miserably. I blame all my frivolous purchases due to my lack of self control and addiction to you tube and makeup sites/blogs.

 I think my collection is so overwhelmingly big I don't know how to consolidate the products. I recently realized that there is such a thing as "too many options". I have so many options, I don't know where to start. Also, I paid a lot of money for the products so I hate the idea of parting with them.

My plan is to restrict myself to 12 high end purchases for the year 2014 (one per month). I'm not really convinced I should restrict myself category wise... but I think I am going to limit my monthly allowance for a high end purchase to $100 (including taxes, shipping etc.). If I don't spend money that month, I plan on rolling the funds over to the next month. $100 per month = $1200 per year which is a lot of money - but it is far less than what I've spent so far. If I feel that this plan is failing, I may adjust my plan to more closely reflect that of the original "makeout 2013" plan by Christine from pinksofoxy.

I will try to provide monthly updates on the product I've purchased for that month (if any) and how my plan is working. If you are planning on doing a makeup cleanse let me know any suggestions/ideas that have worked for you in the comments below...

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