Tuesday, January 1, 2013

RoC enydrial lip balm

I intially read about this little gem on makeup alley. It had received rave reviews from every one that had tried it. I didn't know where to get it from so when I went to a SDM, I thought I should try to find this lip balm. I think a few years ago when I first bought it, it cost me around $6, but the price has increased to $10. There are a few different types of RoC lip balms (I have this one and the one with SPF). I had decided to initially splurge on this balm (after trying carmex, blistex, vaseline, soft lips etc) because I would end up with peeling on my lips or a white ring on the inner corners of my lips. This lip balm is not natural by any means in my opinion (read the ingredient list), but I absolutely love it. It really softens my lips and does not cause any peeling whatsoever. It also has no scent or color and is not too shiny (so it's a great way to soften lips before applying my lipstick/gloss/stain etc). I can apply it morning, evening or during the night and it's easy to carry around; I really think this little beauty is underrated and is quite comparable to higher end lip balms (such as caudalie and fresh)

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